• Commercial

    Commercial Flip through magazines, channel-surf Nickelodeon, even…

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  • Television

    Television Surf Youtube, channel-surf Amazon Prime and…

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  • VoiceOver

    Rockin’ the sound booth ( ( Voice…

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  • Film

    The Hamster   Lead Role ,  …

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  • Stage

    ” WONDERFUL “ exclaims Tony & Grammy…

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  • Dance

    “Why does she dance?” Ask Aaralyn and…

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  • Music

    Throughout the history of modern media, the…

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  • Activist

      Among her own projects like StreetSacks,…

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  • Fashion

    Fashion is a way of life Aaralyn has…

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  • Model

    Modeling Aaralyn possesses a wide-range of modeling…

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  • Techy

    Aaralyn loves her technology! She interacts with…

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    Public Appearances Little Ones in Wedding Ceremonies…

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Acting Her Age by Julie Shannon, South Jersey Magazine Vol.14 Issue 12 page 76 Aaralyn Anderson can very well be…




Character References

A Recent Honor

Such a great pleasure
to work with
Mr. John Quiñones

On the show, I set out to turmoil unsuspecting customers on :
ABC's What Would You Do?
One older grandpa got really mad when I got him GOOD -- he actually startled me for a second ((giggle)) TUNE IN this SUMMER to WATCH and find out what happens !


Whats your appetite for future projects?

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For work in NYC Contact : for work in NYC contact CP Talent Management
For work in Philadelphia Contact : for work in Philadelphia Contact Click Models

** Current Work Permit and Trust ** NON-UNION



1 min reel

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Also enjoy Aaralyn's lead role in this dark comedy 11min short film recently released.

3 min reel