exclaims Tony & Grammy Award Winning Irish playwright and screenwriter Enda Walsh to Aaralyn as she is blocking for her performance as Girl in BALLYTURK . This night is critics preview night, which earned in the New York Times a featured “Top Five” shows to see in January 2018. Ross at Times Square Chronicles writes Aaralyn’s final visual is so wrought with such a complexity of ideas while being, most importantly, solid and devastating in its emotional attachment.


Tony and Grammy Award Winning Director Enda Walsh giving direction to Aaralyn before critics review preview night.

It has been such an honor and very rewarding for Aaralyn indeed to mature further in her the art of theater performance under Enda’s direction!

Aaralyn is inspired by stage performers such as Cristin Milioti, “like Aaralyn” who is originally from South Jersey just mins from her home! In fact, Enda spoke highly of working with Cristin and mentioned Aaralyn’s accent, energy and stage presence even reminds him of her!

There are many others’ stories who Aaralyn draws encouragement from such as Daisy Eagan, who at 11 was the youngest girl ever to win a Tony, for “The Secret Garden,” who has since acted alot in Television.

Break A Leg

Aaralyn loves to perform off-Broadway audiences and gets the greatest thrill to later be asked for her autograph at the stage door! Then still being able to play as a child she also enjoys the more simpler chance to return to her regular life to enjoy pizza/game night with family and friends.

Such natural balance she finds between her expressions of artistry; Stage, Television, Film and also recently VoiceOver are all fun forms of story telling she loves to perform.  Live performance takes the cake she tells everyone. She actively plans to see every Broadway show she can and loves the live performance experience both on stage and seated in the audience!


Through the Green Room

Did you know that history shows us that actors who succeed in film without (much or none at all) benefit of a stage experience are generally those who land sizable roles in films and television series while still very young? Brian O’Neil tells us in his book that very few actors at such an early age will have the opportunity to build a highly visible career in the theatre – nor commonly are there many roles for children in most plays but is on the rise. Aaralyn suggests to be sure to see School of Rock – The Musical touring, which many of her fiends perform and are incredible! Many times rather, Casting Directors will and do frequently audition young actors who come to them by way of referral. This is commonplace (as we have also found) in order to find the right actors who are young enough to convincingly portray the characters in the roles being cast. Consider in such manner, New York has spawned Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan, Elisabeth Shue (from New Jersey like Aaralyn), and Uma Thurman (who has recently performed on Broadway), Matt Dillon (w/ The Outsiders), Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst, Rosario Dawson, Chole Sevigny, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Rodriguez, and Julia Roberts to name a few.

But also other times in contrast when a play (like Ballyturk) featuring a child character (“Girl”) is a success, the young actor (like Aaralyn) playing the role oftentimes find herself in immediate demand by the industry as a whole (as we have experienced). This exciting additional found success Aaralyn has graciously accepted and understand for herself what she is taken on; what she has learned from Enda WalshOlwen Fouéré, Mikel Murfi, Tadhg Murphy and St Ann’s Warehouse Wonderful Crew and has now applied to all facets of what she works on. An excellent example of this is how Aaralyn grew from her nights performing Ballyturk knowing each performance requires her allin the moment” and (unlike tv and film) there is never a “second take” — this depth in Aaralyn’s performance art now translates in her recent explosion in voiceover production while recording in the studio. “Each recording is like its own live stage performance” Aaralyn says. Aaralyn misses her stage friends and hopes to soon return to Broadway stage …

Comedy Stand-up
Click here to see Aaralyn in her totally funny Comedic Actress skits on the stage.