MANIAC by Patrick Somerville and Cary Fukunaga below is a still frame of my role as Danielle Marino.

Such a great pleasure to return to work with Mr. John Quiñones (several times) on his ABC show. WATCH as I set out to turmoil unsuspecting customers on : ABC’s What Would You Do? One Grandpa gets really mad in Season 13 when I get him GOOD — he actually startled me for a second ((giggle)) and in Season 14, another man cries and calls 911 ! He could not believe I was acting !! TUNE IN this SEASON to WATCH and find out what happens and catch any episode you may had missed here.

Dead of Winter S1E6 … Taking a page from Michael Caine’s book Acting for Film : Aaralyn developed an inner dialogue with her character as if “no one was watching”. To play a corpse is physically demanding — “to keep my chest from moving is really hard” she said, “to never cough and breathe with my stomach until between takes is a neat acting challenge”. Watch a Clip Here

Law of Perdition by Potent Media JUNE 2017 to Amazon Prime. Here is a still frame of my role as Chloe Petrowski.

Law of Perdition Chloe Petrowski, Potent Media (Season 1, Release 2017)

The Characters Younger Daughter, (Episode 107/27 Tim Robinson 2015)

The Haunting of Vince Neil “Skylar” Lifetime Movie Network (2014)


The Good Wife Courtroom Child CBS, Episode 515 / 2014 (2014)