Rockin’ the sound booth
( ( Voice Over Talent ) )

Many even you, already know Aaralyn produces a lot of television, commercial and film. Perhaps you may recognize her face in Philadelphia as the aquarium icon or recognize her in New York from her off-Broadway performance or NEtflix and Amazon Prime or on ABC and NBC tv shows and commercials in-between… but what you may not already know is you’ve most likely already been hearing to her too! Even listening to her; not just in your head, but in voice over acting work like on Walmart radio when you are shopping or children cartoon commercials on Nick! This and other Voice Over Performances that are just her unique one-of-a-kind voice! … just listen…

Thanks to her vast travels and collection of diverse friends and influences, spanning Hawaii, DC, Ohio, Ireland, Philly, NYC and her inter-national academic web camera classrooms, Aaralyn has by natural occurrence cultivated a most distinct rich seasoned dialect and pitch accent. Aaralyn’s unique tonal inflection sets her apart from much of the common talent pool within the big five major markets.

Aaralyn’s uncanny ability to quickly memorize lines in combination of her witty natural improvisation is quickly making her well sought after and highly competitive for large visibility brand awareness! Aaralyn’s voice possesses a perfect unique natural range for animated cartoons, tv shows, movies, video games and more!

Aaralyn has already grown in voice over acting experience working with directors to produce long pronunciations in order to accurately match iconic animated characters for pilots as well as apply her own personality to other audio driven stories.

(Aaralyn), did we just get that in one take?
~NutMeg Studios

Performing off-Broadway in BALLYTURK under award-winning director Enda Walsh significantly helped Aaralyn realize the sensitivity and textures that voice can propel in performances as her character in the play never speaks but tells her story through body performance! Returning off-stage for voice over work – back to the studio, Aaralyn brings an added evolved mindset (to level not many voice actors posses even at older age) as to how her voice can reach a listener and use her volume, pitch, tone (and even silence) as characters of an audio play…

Research shows that listeners are more likely to retain messages that are delivered by a professional voice talent. Lets discuss hiring Aaralyn for voice over and find how she can be the perfect actress for your project!

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Sound-byte sample outtakes below: